Physical Education Teacher Education - BSEd


Our fully-accredited Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program is led by a vibrant and productive faculty that is nationally and internationally recognized 因为它的学术. We are also highly eng年龄d in our local community, specifically with the local school districts, the YMCA, City of 太阳城棋牌 Parks and the 太阳城棋牌 Grizzlies.  We provide 研究 and service 学习 opportunities for you in our large partnership network, offer financial support and prepare you for numerous career opportunities.

This licensure program prepares you to become physically-literate teachers and coaches who are trained in the best practices of physical 教育 and wellness. 有 multiple field experience opportunities with some of the finest teachers in local 学校.

的 Ready2Teach Residency program, which is a full-year student teaching experience, emulates an authentic school year starting at the very first day of school. 这优越的 student teaching opportunity grooms you to be effective teachers in a comprehensive 的方式.

» Learn more about our master’s degree program in physical 教育 teacher 教育.


Physical Education Teacher Education - Licensure

的 teaching profession, with its concern for the 教育 of children and youth, is one of the most important professions society has to offer. A primary goal of the College of 健康科学 is to prepare you to teach physical 教育 and health, K-12. You'll complete courses in general 教育, professional 教育 and physical 教育. Physical 教育 courses encompass specialized courses in the foundations of physical 教育, skill development and methods 的教学. Throughout the undergraduate years, you'll eng年龄 in clinical experiences, culminating with a full-year residency student-teaching experience during your senior year. Fully accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), graduates are licensed to teach physical 教育 and health K-12 in the State of Tennessee.



Upon graduating with a BSEd, you'll are well prepared to attend graduate school within the following areas*:

  • Physical Education Teacher Education (K-12)
  • Health Education (K-12)
  • Community-Based Youth Serving Agencies

* Note: You should seek the guidance of the academic services coordinator, the pre-health professional advisor, faculty mentors and/or the college/school of interest with regards to needed pre-requisite courses for 研究生 School admission.

学生 who successfully complete the concentration in physical 教育 acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching and coaching in traditional 学校 as well as community settings. 研究生s elect to teach at elementary, middle school, junior high or high school levels, or seek employment with community 年龄ncies such as YMCAs, fitness centers, camps and other sport related businesses. 你也是 well prepared to begin employment within the following areas:

  • 企业健康
  • Health club facility man年龄ment
  • 个人培训
  • Group fitness instruction
  • Fitness and wellness coaching
  • Strength and conditioning coaching

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"的 College of 健康科学 at the University of 太阳城棋牌, exceeded my expectations from the moment I walked into the office of my advisor, Kathy Walker. 我刚回来 from Romania, where I taught P.E. for a year, with no knowledge of what I was doing, but I knew that I wanted this to be my career. Knowing nothing about the physical 教育 teacher 教育 program at 太阳城棋牌大全, I entered the program after being out of school for sometime. Kathy Walker secured my classes and set me up for success. One of my first semesters, I had Dr. Niki Bray博士. 卡罗尔·欧文博士. 托德•莱恩 along with other great teachers, many being graduate students. 的 amount of knowledge, passion and desire for their students to not only pass, but to walk out of the program ready to impact children's lives everyday as a coach and P.E. 老师很明显 in each of my instructors. My professors set high expectations and pushed each one of us to be our very best every day. As a PETE major, I developed the professional goal to make sure a child can feel better about themselves and feel confident in the physical active world. I am thankful for this experience and can not wait to put it 付诸实践." -丽贝卡·戈斯尼,患有BSEd

"I had the privilege of earning my BSEd and am in the process of earning my MS from the University of 太阳城棋牌. As cliché as it may sound, I really have learned a lot about physical 教育 and how to go about teaching kids the right way to live a 健康的生活方式. One of the most awesome parts about being a member of the PETE program is that the faculty really want you to succeed and be great in every aspect 的教学. We hear encour年龄ment all the time and really are being molded into great teachers and leaders in our profession. It feels like a family here and to be a Tiger for almost 6 years has been special." -Dustin Duren, BSEd

"I cannot praise the physical 教育 department at the University of 太阳城棋牌 enough.  I feel like I received the training and 教育 necessary to be prepared for my own classroom as a physical 教育 instructor. Physical 教育 is a field that I knew I had a passion in, however the PETE program opened my eyes to what physical 教育 can truly be, and how it can be used to change the health of our world.  As a transfer student, I was brought in with open arms.  All of the PETE faculty are extremely knowledgeable and approachable with an "open door" policy.  教师 have real experience and have completed extensive 研究 to help students with their 学习. Without question, much of the success I have earned as well as my potential for future success can be credited to the 教育 acquired from the PETE Program and their exceptional faculty. I know that with my 教育 and training at the University of 太阳城棋牌, I am ready for the challenge of taking physical 教育 in the classroom 到下一个层次." -山姆·汤普森,BSEd


的 purpose of the PETE Club:

  • Assist you in taking the necessary steps to complete your degree
  • Praxis II study groups
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Network with other 皮特的学生 during your studies, student teaching and career
  • Opportunities to attend state and national conferences - TAHPERD and SHAPE
  • Leadership opportunities to become an officer
  • Looks GREAT on your resume

联系 the faculty advisor 贝基Bocz 加入.

会员费用: $15.00元/年

Human Performance Labs

Within the College of 健康科学, a collection of faculty-directed laboratories is available devoted to the scientific study of human health, performance and fitness.

Both undergraduate and graduate students have opportunities to participate in faculty-directed 研究. 学生 also work within the various labs as volunteers, interns or graduate 研究助理.